[SOLVED] Mattermost not working after restoring VM snapshot


I had a fully working Mattermost setup, running on a VM (in proxmox). After restoring a backup of the VM (a snapshot taken while it was running), Mattermost is no longer accessible - the browser returns: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

The service is running and “curl localhost:8065” returns the html from the start page when run from within the VM. The only indicator of a problem is this log entry:

[CRIT] Error starting server, err:listen tcp bind: address already in use

I’ve looked around the forums for quite a while but can’t figure out how to fix this. I’m very grateful for any help.

I ended up doing a fresh install and simply migrating the database, so everything is fully functional again. However, I never did figure out what the exact problem was…

I noticed I got this error when starting Mattermost while one instance was already running. I highly doubt it was any database glitch, maybe some overlap in startup scripts.