[SOLVED] Failed to verify your email. - Invalid hid parameter?


New mattermost 3.2 team edition gives this error when a user validates his email by clicking the provided link.

Steps to reproduce

mattermost 3.2.0

Google didn’t help. Not exactly sure what this HID parameter is.

Hi @ovizii

It seems that somehow the hid query string is missing from the link, would you be so kind to share the link (preferably without the host) so I can have a little more detail on this?


the link does contain the hid part.


@ovizii the link you are providing seems to be working for me, did you resolve the issue?

got the same situation - always error “invalid hid”. problem was in plain mail style, if i switch to html version absolutely the same link working fine. reproduced on chrome54+roundcube. finally testcase looks like:

  1. create account on any mailserver with roundcube web-frontend installed
  2. login to mail account, set default style “plain text mail”
  3. register on new installation MM
  4. see that from plain view link not working
  5. switch to '‘html view’ - email approved

some misterious think there because both URLs (plain/html) looks are the same

Thanks @maxim for the repro steps. We’ve reproduced the issue and have created a ticket to fix it.