[SOLVED] Mattermost Server Migration - Old Conversation Files not being download after migration


After Mattermost Server Migration Old Conversation files are not being downloaded, gives download failed, no file error.

Steps to reproduce

Source Mattermost Server

Version: 4.0.0
Build Number: 4.0.1
Build Date: Wed Jul 19 00:54:25 UTC 2017
Build Hash: a350f4dc0754e1aeabb64bd712ce05f7c59cfa60
Build Enterprise Ready: false
DB Version: 4.0.0

Destination Mattermost Server

Version: 4.2.0
Build Number: 4.2.0
Build Date: Wed Sep 13 22:57:37 UTC 2017
Build Hash: a5ce36d0882ae1b4b409a7b68233bf89591a5f95
Build Enterprise Ready: false
DB Version: 4.2.0

I was doing a server migration of Mattermost from one Server to another server where domain name is different and is running latest team edition of mattermost with nginx proxy.

  • I Exported all the tables from Old Server and Pushed it to new server. Working fine…
  • then I exported /opt/mattermost/bin/data folder as a zip and imported it in new server, extracted it.
  • also ran chown command for mattermost user.
  • I even tried to change PublicLinkSalt in config file, but no help

Expected behavior

It should have let me download or save the files from old conversation

Observed behavior

But on Front end when I download any old file, it gives download failed error, No file.
I am using mattermost web on Chrome Version 61.0.3163.100 (Official Build) (32-bit)


Hi @pankaj,

Thanks for your feedback,

Did you follow this migration guide and are still experiencing the issue?

Thanks @lindy65
I did followed the migration guide, only thing I didn’t followed was Upgrading the source mattermost server to latest version.
Do I really need to upgrade it, I wasn’t sure if Upgrading my source mattermost can harm my existing conversations or not, because I don’t want to loose my data in Source mattermost server.
I hope you understand me.

Hi @pankaj,

Thanks for your feedback,

We suggest backing up your database before beginning with migration so you can restore it should there be any problems.

If you do have a backup, then I would suggest following the migration guide steps.