[SOLVED] Mattermost telemetry documentation

I’ve read the PRIVACY_POLICY.md available on GitHUB and there it says:

You may opt-out of the Security Alerts (see link) and Error and Diagnostics Reporting (see link) services any time

I am rather paranoid with my data being collected and as such I would like to perfectly understand this, I’ve tried disabling both to see what would happen and it still sends data to api.segment.io, have I misread the above document and what we are opting out are those 2 functionalities while you will still collect our data stealthy or it should have completely stopped collecting that with those disabled?

And what else I’ve noticed is that it mainly does those api.segment.io calls when a user updates some of their data, password, email, etc…

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Hi @prixone, you’re right, it should have stopped.

Sorry, looks like there was a bug when we updated some of the infrastructure in 3.7.0, i.e. this behavior shouldn’t be there in 3.6. We’re investigating shipping a fix soon in the next dot release.

Regarding updates, boolean values are sent back just for stats, you can review detailed documentation here.

High appreciate your report,

Thank you for answering my question and glad I it was just a mistake on my part, hope it gets fixed soon.

Is there a ticket I can track when this gets fixed by any chance? Appreciated.

Here’s the changelog entry, fix shipped in 3.7.3.

Thank you very much for letting me known the fix was pushed live and I can already see it stopped doing the requests.

Pleasure @prixone, glad the issue is resolved!

Hi this issue reappeared with mm 3.9!

Hi @yoshtec,

Thanks for your feedback,

Could you be more specific with what you are seeing that has reappeared? Is the repro the same as it was for prixone? Are you saying the fix that was implemented in v3.7.3 is broken?

Here is what I am seeing in the logs with 3.9:

Jun 07 17:30:28 servername platform[7582]: segment 2017/06/07 17:30:28 error sending request: Post https://api.segment.io/v1/batch: dial tcp i/o timeout

Is there a setting somewhere to disable the “security” updates? I am guessing this is related to those.

@attzonko What you’re seeing is actually from the metrics we have to measure things like feature usage. You can disable them by turning off the Enable Diagnostics and Error Reporting setting in the General > Logging section of the system console. More information on the setting is available here

The link for the “Error and Diagnostics Reporting (see link)” now is named “Enable Diagnostics and Error Reporting” and its documentation can be found here: https://docs.mattermost.com/administration/config-settings.html#enable-diagnostics-and-error-reporting

With regards to GDPR, this option should be off by default.
I noticed only by accident that segment is being used.

Hi @lcx and community,

With regards to GDPR, we’ve fixed our documentation to clarify that none of the reporting contains personally identifiable information and is encrypted in transit.

For more details please see https://docs.mattermost.com/administration/telemetry.html.

Let me know if you have any further questions!