Storing of Telemetry Data

Hi all,

I’m curious where our telemetry data is being stored – I understand that the data is being sent up into the cloud, to an endpoint but as I understand, Segment is just a data aggregator. What services is our data being split into and how many services would hold user’s telemetry data?


Hi @b_t! Thank you for your question!

This documentation will probably help:

Let us know any additional questions.

Thanks for the reply @amy.blais

I was more interested in what services that Segment is connected to. I’ve read the page before and seems to only tell me what is being recorded, but I am trying to gather the data for regulatory reasons (ie. understanding where the data travels and whether it leaves the country/etc.)

Sorry for such a random question!

Thanks @b_t! I’ve asked our team for more information on this.

If you want to, you can also follow the discussion on our build server in the Peer-to-peer help channel. Please feel free to join other channels as well!

@b_t Giving you an update here that our product managers are aware of these questions. We will let you know once we have all the information.

Hey @b_t, thanks for your excellent questions! And sorry for the extended delay.

  1. The data is stored in a database, and connected to a data visualization tool with data protection described in our privacy policy
  2. The data may leave the country when stored in the database as described in 1). More information can be found in our privacy policy.

Note that the System Admin can opt out from telemetry any time if either of the above are a concern.