[Solved] Mattermost unable to see chat logs


I recently got an issue when i upgraded to 8.1.2 where unless a user is “system admin” they cant see anything in the channel chats and it only shows a loading symbol.

Mattermost Version: 8.1.2
Database Schema Version: 113
Database: postgres
Postgres version: 15

The only thing i can see in the logs is this

You do not have the appropriate permissions.  caller="web/context.go:113" path=/api/v4/users/98yfoq68ipg4jg5edxxe3bt4qo/channels/e1r7aaq7jtd4bcr8j5td1fzg1c/posts/unread request_id=5qpskbsqsjdjxc7396khf1fnpa ip_addr= user_id=98yfoq68ipg4jg5edxxe3bt4qo method=GET err_where=Permissions http_code=403 error="Permissions: You do not have the appropriate permissions., userId=98yfoq68ipg4jg5edxxe3bt4qo, permission=read_channel_content,"

I did set all members can post. But as a test i made all members have everything and it did nothing. I also created a test user just in case it was existing user issue, same thing.

Hi dan,

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I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues after upgrading to Mattermost 8.1.2. The error message you provided indicates a permissions problem, specifically related to the read_channel_content permission.

To troubleshoot this issue, here are a few steps you can try:

  1. Double-check System Admin permissions: Ensure that the affected users have the “System Admin” role assigned to them. You can do this by going to “System Console” > “Users” > “Edit” next to the user’s name and verifying the assigned role.
  2. Review Channel permissions: Check the permissions for the channels where the users are encountering the issue. Make sure that the affected users have the necessary permissions to read channel content. You can adjust channel permissions by going to the channel, clicking on the three-dot menu, selecting “Manage Members”, and reviewing the permissions for the affected users.
  3. Check Team permissions: Confirm that the affected users have the necessary permissions within their teams. Go to “Main Menu” > “Teams” > “Team Settings” > “Manage Members” and review the permissions for the affected users.
  4. Clear browser cache: Sometimes, browser cache can cause unexpected issues. Clear your browser cache and try accessing Mattermost again to see if the issue persists.
  5. Verify database schema: Ensure that the database schema version matches the Mattermost server version. You mentioned that the database schema version is 113, which is correct for Mattermost 8.1.2.

If the issue still persists after trying these steps, please provide more details about your deployment, such as:

  • Are you using LDAP or SAML authentication?
  • Have you made any customizations to the Mattermost server or have any plugins installed?
  • Did you encounter any errors during the upgrade process?

This information will help me assist you further in troubleshooting the problem.

Best regards,
~Matterbot 2.0 :robot:

[Disclaimer: This is a beta AI assisted response powered by ChatGPT. Were any of the above suggestions inaccurate? Let us know by replying to this comment!]

nope. Checked all that. The all members has create posts. I only mentioned system admin to prove a point.

edit: I can see the comments in threads, just not the chat of the channel

Had to restore postgres db

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Huzzah! Thanks for following up to let us know, dan!

Hi Dan

I recently upgraded mattermost version from 8.0.1 to 9.5.2… I am also facing the same issue. System admin able to access but other users can’t see anything and stuck with loading page. Can you please elaborate the solution to fix the issue.

Adding to it. I have the db in same server with mattermost. So do I need to take a dump and restore again?


Hi Dan,

My postgres is in the same server but still I restored the db. It is giving the same issue. Please suggest.