[Solved] Minecraft webhook working on Slack, but not Mattermost

I am using this plugin to send chat messages from my Minecraft server to Slack: https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/slack.37113

I created a new instance of Mattermost, setup a new Integration for it, gave that URL in my Minecraft Slack config, restarted the server, and messages will not show up in Mattermost. Should this “just work” or does the developer of the Minecraft Slack plugin need to do something special to support Mattermost? My understanding was that it should just work.

Hi @c0wg0d ,

It should work, the only known issue with is that we don’t support overriding the icon with an emoji.

Are you able to provide me with a snippet of your Mattermost server logs during an attempt of this plugin to push a message through the incoming webhook? That could help me diagnose the issue.

It’s not showing anything in the logs. In settings I have the file log level set to DEBUG. I see stuff show up there when browsing around the site, but nothing when I issue a chat command on the Minecraft server. I don’t see any issues with firewall, so I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be sending anything.

Does it matter if it’s a self signed cert and I’m using SSL?

Sorry for the late response,

Hmmm, if there’s nothing in the logs it seems like somehow it’s not reaching the Mattermost server. If you DEBUG level logs showing then when the server receives a incoming webhook POST you should see something along the lines of:

[2016/03/09 12:03:35 EST] [DEBG] /hooks/kjh124hjkjg12h4ghgkg12k4jgkjg

Using SSL and a self-signed cert shouldn’t matter for incoming webhooks.

Can you give me a censored version of the webhook URL that you’re giving the integration?

I’ve been super busy with no time to look further into this yet. The Minecraft plugin is open source. Would you be able to look at it and determine if it should be sending properly formatted messages for Mattermost? https://github.com/CircuitSoftGroup/SlackMC

Of course it could be a firewall issue or something else entirely too, but knowing if it’s at least setup properly on the plugin side would be a good starting point.

I went back to the drawing board and reconfigured everything. I went with apache instead of nginx, because I was already using apache on my host for our website. I have it working successfully using the port 8065 (woohoo!), but I still really want to get this working with a different subdomain and SSL.

I have a subdomain “chat” setup with a CNAME instead of an A record. Because of this, I’m not able to use letsencrypt to create an SSL certificate for that domain. Is there any way around this? Can I have https://chat.mydomain.com do a proxy to mydomain.com:8065 behind the scenes? Any help would be most appreciated.

:astonished: Using CNAME records is not the reason of your difficulties with Let’sEncrypt.
In fact, having only one A record and several CNAME records pointing there is the only sensible way to solve the reverse DNS problem.

Okay, looks like the domain wasn’t setup properly. This could have been my problem all along…

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