[solved] Mobile - can't view files correctly

Hello everyone,

We are experiencing an issue on both iOS and Android: only images and pdf files are opened correctly. Other filetypes, such as videos, txt, doc, xmlx just give us an icon (like a regular image) instead of its’ actual content. On the web version however video files and txt are opened correctly. If downloaded from web, doc files can be opened by Word, meaning they are not corrupted. Any thoughts on how to fix it for mobile?

Mobile version 1.15 on both iOS and Android. Server version 5.7.0

Hi @neposo,

Would you be open to upgrading your mobile app version to the latest? The latest version is v1.17 and we’ll release v1.18 in the next few days.

Found the real issue - mime types weren’t added to DB. /etc/mime.types file was empty on our linux server. After copying fullfilled mime.types file everything began to work fine

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