File preview/download mobile app Android

Hello, having issues opening docx and pdf (only two formats tested) on certain android devices. Tried a total of 4 devices. Two devices on Android 11, one device Android 12, and one device on android 7. The android 7 device functions fine as do iPhone devices.

Steps to reproduce
Open documents from android devices within mattermost mobile app.

App: 1.49.0 (Build 3000385)
Server: 5.38.2

What error do you see when the issue occurs?

Hi, no real errors. Just redirects to the play store wanting to download a pdf reader. Happens on multiple devices. Even with pdf readers installed.

Opened a ticket: [MM-41968] - Mattermost.

Same thing is happening for me, Galaxy S10 running Android 12.

We have released a v1.49.1 dot release to fix this issue - should be available in the app stores within 1 or 2 days.

Thank you. Already downloaded v 1.49.1 and it’s functioning as advertised. Thanks for the support.