Unable to attach PDF to Android App

Hi! I like the look of the new V2.0.0 app.
I’m running the version with Build Date Jan 13 22:54:40 UTC 2023 (V 2.0.0 Build 6000452)

Currently everyone in office running the same version has problem attaching PDF files.
When we select a PDF file from the file selector it crashes.

Server Version 7.7.0
Database: postgres
Schema version: 100

Phone Android 13

We have a fix submitted for this for an upcoming dot release.

Thanks @amy.blais , could you please link the ticket to the issue or PR to the fix for reference?

Awesome, many thanks - I see it has been merged already, so @yanuk please let us know if the next update fixes this issue for you.

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Thank you for the speedy update! Will report back once the app update is available from the app store.

After testing it for a week, PDF attachments are getting sent now.
Thank you so much!

Awesome, thanks for the confirmation :slight_smile:

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