[Solved] Please provide a Demo Instance

Hi there,

I wanted to try out your product but after installing it on my host I was unable to sign up (like all the people on github https://github.com/mattermost/platform/issues/57).

It would be really nice if you could provide a demo instance where we can try it out.

all the best

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Hi @faebser,

Appreciate the feedback. Our top priority is making the setup experience faster and easier, both on Docker and Beanstalk,

For the issue you’re facing on sign-up, could we have your help opening an issue with the specific error you’re hitting (http://www.mattermost.org/filing-issues/)?

It’s our first week and while standing up an official demo instance is on our list, our focus now is making setup straight forward.

It sounds like you’re close, if you can share what’s wrong, maybe we can help both you and everyone who comes after with better documentation?

A demo instance would be really great to convince me before attempting the fast and easy setup.

A local demo with a one-line docker run would be just as good.

If you have a Mac with boot2docker it’s a one line install

If you don’t have boot2docker, there are step-by-step instructions to install boot2docker with Mattermost as well.

linux/windows user here :smile:

maybe some one else could provide a free demo for the community?
maybe even github them self?

The newest version of Docker and its corresponding docs recommends Docker Toolbox over boot2docker.

From http://docs.docker.com/installation/mac/
Note: This release of Docker deprecates the Boot2Docker command line in favor of Docker Machine. Use the Docker Toolbox to install Docker Machine as well as the other Docker tools.

It’d be really easy to demo Mattermost if it worked straight out of the box on Docker Toolbox.

On a different note, making a Sandstorm App for Mattermost would also serve as an easily accessible demo.

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Hi @erlend_sh, @derWalter, @freshfish, @faebser, we’ve set up a single-team test instance for GitLab Mattermost users to log in with GitLab.com account (authentication only available with GitLab.com account, no email/password sign-up–this is the default setup in a GitLab Mattermost deployment)

The goal for this is to get help test Mattermost v1.1 (shipping around 10/12) prior to its inclusion in GitLab 8.1 omnibus, which ships 10/22. We’d welcome issues filed in the GitLab Mattermost issue tracker.

A little later we want to open something up for email/password auth, this is just a starting point since we need to get a test environment up any way, might as well open this one up.

For those trying it out, please recognize that this is a test instance and have no expectation that history will be preserved after testing is complete.

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oh, thats it, thank you… i am done here,
cause i ve to instantly checking it out, cya :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for setting up the demo.

Just an update, we’ve enabled email/password sign-up for the test instance after getting a request to have a channel to discuss contributions, so that’s now available as well

I would to try a demo too… I have a china web design site and I would to try it too.

It says that the invite link is invalid.
To have a demo server is a great idea!!!

Hi @gorn! Here is a link to our test instance: https://oss.mattermost.com/login.