[SOLVED] Push-Proxy Server Id

I’ve been trying to configure push-proxy on my server and have generated the android app with a signed certificate. Following the readme on GitHub for proxy-push, I’m unable to do a ‘curl’ as I have no idea where to look for server id. The device ID was found by querying the database, but there are no entries for server id. To be more precise,

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{ "message":"test", "badge": 1, "platform":"android", "server_id":"MATTERMOST_DIAG_ID", "device_id":"android:<long hashed string>"}'

What will the server id be?

You can get the id from the server via SELECT * FROM Systems WHERE Name = 'DiagnosticId'

Thanks a ton @coreyhulen, that worked perfectly!

i am using mattermost push proxy…
i have installed mattermost-push-proxy.and run server perfectly.but when i want to test this push notification service using curl…

curl -X POST -H “Content-Type: application/json” -d ‘{ “message”:“est”, “badge”: 1, “platform”:“android”, “server_id”:“c5brhfxaeb8o3qkcc3dfc47coy”, “device_id”:“android:el99uTDjv0A:APA91bGnVbuZl9W2lQSSokXYECVa4Tgt-wrnOxQFh4r51pzdDaFxbXUrJXQgmcSaPYToyIA5Dc9CCLPvYPNBF8bnrZdCjOSIaJmgB0Uhusj-8IoVCtFfAkF_l_PfRq0TMQf7L_RYMLqo”}’

but i got this error.so please help me what am i skip.
error is this
{“error”:“Did not send message because of missing platform property type=android serverId=c5brhfxaeb8o3qkcc3dfc47coy”,“status”:“FAIL”}