[SOLVED] Search messages with URL keyword returns no results found


I am trying to search messages with keyword http://google.com (e.g. friend sent me the message containing link to some page) and there are no results found. It seems that search engine on our Team 3.7.1 (and Team 3.3.0 also) cannot find messages when search keyword is an URL.

Can anyone help me with this matter or point me to right direction?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @zsekol

Thanks for your question!

Could you share more about which database you’re using? It’s a known issue in Postgres databases that URLs don’t show up in search results. You can read more about known issues in the changelog.

Let us know if this is not your issue!

Hi @lindy65

thank you for the quick answer and the guidelines.

We do use PostgreSQL and I was able to find known issue in changelog that you’ve mentioned.

I believe that this is the issue.

Thank you once again, kind regards.

Glad we could be of assistance @zsekol! I’ll close this issue off for now. If there’s anything else we can help with, please let us know :slight_smile:

I’m reviving this topic because I’d like to know how I can search for URL/links from Mattermost w/ postgresql. I understand there is a bug somewhere, but is there any workaround? Has anyone thought about writing a plugin for that, such as the File list plugin?

Thanks in advance,


Hi, @mcevoli

I believe that the PostgreSQL issue that you are concerned about refers to the here which dates back to the following:

  • Mattermost 3.10:

On Postgres databases, searching for websites and emails does not work properly and hashtags which end with an inverted questionmark aren’t properly highlighted.

  • Mattermost 3.0.3:

On Postgres databases, searching for websites, emails, and searching with quotations does not work properly.

I searched for the bug and came across MM-4398 - Postgres: Searching email/website does not return any results but it was closed already. @jwilander do you happen to know if there is any plan on having this supported in the future?