[SOLVED] Starting Mattermost Automatically

Ubuntu 16.04
Mattermost 4.2.0
is my system. I complated the this guide but Mattermost don’t start automaticly. It just start after sudo -u mattermost ./platform and if I close my ssh connection, I’ll see 504 Gateway Time-out.

Hello @eicecek,

Thanks for your feedback,

The mattermost-platform repo was recently split into mattermost-server and mattermost-webapp repositories. I’m not sure whether this has anything to do with your command failing with sudo -u mattermost ./platform ?

Maybe this documentation will be helpful?

Did you follow “Setup Mattermost to use systemd for starting and stopping.” ???

after doing that, i don’t have any problems (same environment!).

  • start at boot will work,
  • sudo systemctl service mattermost start/stop/status is working too.

and try to get it working without nginx at first.


I guess I skipped something without paying attention. Now, I have different problems :slight_smile: I’ll open another question, thanx for help.