[Solved] Ubuntu 22.04 omnibus posgresql

EDIT: Looks like I ran the wrong apt repository addition. Works now that I followed the right documentation

Was trying to install mattermost omnibus package on a clean ubuntu 22.04 installation.
Followed the guide and added the mattermost apt repository.
after “sudo apt install mattermost-omnibus -y” It would give me an error:
“mattermost-omnibus : Depends: postgresql-13 (>= 13.1-1.pgdg22.04+1) but it is not installable” Which is weird as ubuntu 22.04 should have postgresql-14 available.

Any idea what I might be doing wrong?
Are the omnibus packages reliable?

Woo hoo! Glad to hear you were able to hone in on the right documentation and get this fixed. Thanks for letting us know, Marvin! And please don’t hesitate to follow-up again if there’s anything more we can do to help.