[SOLVED] View file attachments (HTML)


I’ve set up Mattermost at our company and I have to say I love it so far.
One small issue we have though, we’re using mattermail to poll a mailbox where we get miscellaneous status emails sent, backup logs, uptime reports etc and some of these files are in .html format.

When we click it to view it, instead of viewing the html file it opens up an editor and shows us the html code, is there some way to change this?

Thanks in advance,

Unfortunately for your use case, Mattermost treats files with an .html extension as code files, and displays them in the formatted popover. The same would happen if somebody were to post a .py or .go file to your system. We have recently released a webapp plugin framework that you might be able to use to customize the way that HTML files are displayed, if you’re interested in writing some code.