[Solved] Webhooks `No text specified [details: ]` error

This is pretty effing sad, guys. An integrated product can’t send the correct format?

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Just chiming in on this thread, if you want GitLab and Mattermost to work out-of-the-box, just put the Mattermost webhook URL in GitLab’s Slack integration, per the documentation.

If you want to do custom transformations with how to render GitLab’s raw webhook info into a Mattermost post (e.g. add custom emoji, make a table, etc.) there’s an open source integration service to set that up.

Sorry, when we redesigned the UI for webhooks we somehow lost the links to documentation that used to be in the product.

It shouldn’t be this hard.

@hmhealey, @lindsay FYI.

Hi guys,

Is this workaround still “the thing”, or the issue is resolved?

I am still having trouble even with the newer versions:
Mattermost v4.2.0
GitLab v10.1.1

Hi @Luminance,

Thanks for your question,

There’s been quite a few improvements around webhooks in recent versions so you might want to try upgrading to the latest version of Mattermost to see whether this resolves your issue.

Mattermost v4.4 will be released on November 16th, if you’d prefer to wait until then to upgrade.