Stocks Alerts to Channel (over Webhooks?)

HI, i am searching something, which can tracks stocks and if they drop X% then an Alert will be posted into Mattermost Channel.

Does anyone has an Idea how i can archive this?

Hi @alorson,

Webhooks are the best way but you could also create a plugin for this - instructions here on how to get started:

You might also find an existing plugin on our Integrations directory that might work in your case: One example is Jenkins:

Hi, uhm didn’t found anything usefull and i must confess that i don’t understand Jenkins at all. I went few times to their Product Page…

But i found something which could make this a whole lot easier:

MAIL to CHANNEL would solve many Problems and would be awesome. But Plugin can’t be installed because “Error: Konnte Manifest des extrahierten Plugins nicht abrufen”
besides, even the Matterpoll Plugin is not working correct.
So at the Moment i tried to install two Plugins and both not working or are buggy. :smiley:
CLean and Fresh Mattermost Server (over docker) and Plugin installation is already allowed in config.

Any Ideas?

Hi @alorson, thank you for letting us know,

Would you be open to helping with the following additional information:

  • Your Mattermost server version
  • Full Mattermost logs
  • Plugin settings in the System console