Syncing Mattermost User Status with WebDAV Calendar

I’d like to sync my Mattermost availability status with my WebDAV calendar (Nextcloud), such that I’m listed as DnD whenever I have an appointment / event which is configured to show me as “unavailable” in the calendar.

I’d have expected this to be a relatively standard feature, but I could only find some king of Google Calendar integration which seems to do something entirely different.

The integration / plugin could use the WebDAV “free/busy” information for the user’s registered eMail address.

Is there already a solution for this available?

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I was looking for a similar feature. I would like to integrate mattermost with a usual calDAV calendar (nextcloud or other). But I only found the google calendar plugin.

Are there plans for Mattermost to support webDAV / calDAV / cardDAV ? I think this could nicely fit in with a full calendar view in mattermost.

If not, are other people here who would like to support the development of such a plugin?

I would also like to see this webDAV / calDAV / cardDAV

RocketChat have webdav, and it is not working very well. Mattermost team can do better!!