Team Archive funktion

Hi all,

we are using MM to work with external freelancers and customers on different projects. Usually every project is an new team.

After end of project. I would like to archive the team instead of deleting it, so that i can have look into the channels if needed.

Currently all other members leave but i as administrator need to stay is this correct?

If would be much easier to have a “archive” function to hide and show non active teams.

KR solick

I would like to add my +1 to this idea.

Hello, @solick

I referred to the instructions mentioned in the documentation to archive a team and I was able to fully archive the team after running the command. What it means is that once the command is executed, I just need to refresh Mattermost and the team will be removed from the sidebar completely. Specific to this statement:

May I know which documentation / article you were referring to so we can revise the information?

Meanwhile, are you looking at having a built in feature in the Mattermost client UI that will allow administrators to archive / unarchive the team (without running the command manually in the terminal / command line)?