Team icon not showing


I’ve started with Mattermost this week and i use Ubuntu 18.04.1 with docker. It works fine accept for the team logo. I’ve customized it to our own but it won’t show as you can see below.


I’ve checked if the .pgn file is in the directory and i found it in /usr/mattermost-docker/volumes/app/mattermost/data/teams/longstring/teamicon.png

It look fine and the .png file in de dir also changes when i change the logo in the gui.

Any idea?

Hi @kdk,

What is the size of the image? Do you see any errors in Mattermost logs or the browser Console?

I have tried the normal size 595x652 (23kb) and a cropped version of 183x200 (7kb). Nothing in the Mattermost logs or the browser console?

@kdk What server version are you using? What device and browser are you seeing this on?

@amy.blais I’m using an Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS (Bionic Beaver) os with Docker on a virtual machine (VMware). I’ve tested in a Chrome, Firefox and IE browser. My own device is using Windows 10.


I’m able to reproduce this so maybe there is a bug here. I opened a ticket here:

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Tnx for the quick follow up.