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We’re running a self Hosted MM instance. (Currently 6.3.1). I see the docs mention that I can upload an icon to replace the default one for a team. But I can’t see where that is done, nor do the docs provide more details. I would assume that this would be available via the GUI, in some kind of team profile menu . . . but it doesn’t seem to be. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Telezoic,

welcome to the Mattermost forums and sorry for the late reply, I had to verify a few things. Obviously, this feature has been implemented some time ago although I could not find specifics on how the implementation looked liked. There is an API Call to change the Team icon, but I could not find a way to change it via the GUI as of yet, but I’ve asked the developers if this is intended and will get back to you as soon as I have more information.

If you’re familiar with working with APIs, you can use this endpoint as a workaround until I get back to you, if not (and if this is the only option we have), I’ll walk you through the process to set the team icon on your system.


I don’t remember if it’s the same in v6.3, but on the latest v7.1 you can open the dropdown menu beside the team name, then go to Team Settings > Team Icon.

Thanks @amy.blais , this works although the option to click on the icon in the system console is a bit misleading in my opinion, but I can confirm that the team settings can be changed there (including the icon).

Thanks for this @agriesser , @amy.blais . I have set the icon now :slight_smile:

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Awesome! If you need further help in the future or have additional questions, just let us know in a new topic :slight_smile: