The mattermost client appears channel broken because of too many incoming messages

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The client crashes due to too many messages and cannot display complete messages, resulting in data loss
Steps to reproduce
mattermost 7.8.8,Web client,

Write a program in python and send 300 messages to a channel or multiple channels owned by an account through webhook. When monitoring the websocket on the web client, an error of channel broken will appear and data will be lost.

Expected behavior

When an account receives messages too fast and too many, the client will not receive some messages,

I have reproduced this problem on many versions. It may be that my database is nvme storage. The processing speed of the request is too fast, causing the server to send a lot of messages to the client in a short period of time, and causing a crash.

Observed behavior
After I click network WS on the web client F12 and refresh the page, a websocket will appear. After clicking, it will show that the websocket has received the complete message, but the console shows channel broken because of too many incoming messages. Then look at the message record and you will find that it has not been received. to part of the message