TLS problem to connect to mysql db

Issue in one concise sentence

Steps to reproduce
Run mattermost container

Expected behavior
Mattermost can connect to the BDD using TLS

Observed behavior


I try to set up mattermost 7.5.2 with mysql BDD 8. I use a connexion string like this one


If I run the mattermost container there is the error I got :

Error: failed to load configuration: failed to initialize: driver: mysql, message: failed to grab connection to the database, command: grabbing_connection, originalError: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority, query:

I tried to use this connexion string (without tls)


It worked like that but I do not want to keep this unsecure configuration.

Do you have an idea why I have this issue ?

Hi @Pierre67,

you can use tls=skip-verify to skip the CA check. You can find the valid options here.

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There are a few possible reasons for this error:

  1. The certificate used by the database server is not trusted by the client. This could be because the certificate is self-signed, or because the client does not have the root certificate of the certificate authority that signed the certificate.
  2. The certificate has expired or is otherwise invalid.
  3. There is a problem with the TLS configuration on the client or the server.