Trax, a simple time tracker designed to work withing Mattermost / Slack

Hi everyone,

We’re using Mattermost at work for over a year now and it’s always a pleasure. Recently, we found out we need some kind of time tracker, something simple and integrated within the chat, like Hourstack.

I did not found anything good enough in open source, so I spent today working on a PoC of such a tool, and I ended up with trax. An image worth a thousand words:

Basically, Trax is a server that offer a single API endpoint, designed to be called using a mattermost slash command. Once it is setup, any mattermost user can start tracking his actions using slash commands. It’s actually much, much simpler than Hourstack, since it does not offer any way to interact with the data apart from the slash command.

The setup can be done in a few minutes using Docker.

This is really simple at the moment, but I could imagine adding more features in the future. I’d like to have your opinion about this small project: is this the kind of thing you would use within your team?

Thank you for reading, have a nice day :wink:


Hi @EliotBerriot,

This is wonderful work - We’d love to tell the whole Mattermost community about your project. Would you be open to sharing more by completing the short Mattermost integrations form here?

Also, we’d like to welcome you to join the integrations community on our nightly builds server if you’d like:

Thank you @EliotBerriot, this is great! :slight_smile:

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Hi @jasonblais and thank you for you answer. I’ll fill the form and read the links you provided.

I’ve done more work on this project over the past week, and Trax now includes reminders, so you can schedule a one time or even a recurrent reminder (with a crontab-like syntax) directly in mattermost using trax.

I’ll write some documentation about this directly on the project page.

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I’ve added more detailed documentation, user guide and installation (both local or in production) instructions for trax :, this should be easier to test and install now :slight_smile: