Trouble with Gyazo plugin

Install the gyazo plugins and when I want to enable it it gives me the following error:

“Unable to activate plugin”,“plugin_id”:“gyazo”,“error”:“unable to start plugin: gyazo: fork/exec plugins/gyazo/server/dist/plugin-linux-amd64: no such file or directory”

Hi @crlabrada10,

By default the plugins are found in ./client/plugins relative directory (/opt/mattermost/client/plugins). Is there any reason why it is fork/exec plugins/gyazo/server/dist/plugin-linux-amd64 in your case?

Could you perform the following:

  1. Check if the file exists fork/exec plugins/gyazo/server/dist/plugin-linux-amd64.

  2. If it exists, check if mattermost user owns and has write permission to the fork/exec plugins/gyazo/server/dist/plugin-linux-amd64 file.

  3. If the mattermost user doesn’t own the directory, execute the steps in the solution below.

    • Change the ownership of the directory using the command below:
      sudo chown mattermost:mattermost fork/exec plugins/gyazo
    • Restart Mattermost Server
  4. If the permissions are already in place, could you provide the plugin setting parameters in the config.json file below.

   PluginSettings>Client Directory 
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