Unable to access channel settings in Mattermost free version


Unable to access and view channel settings in the Mattermost free version.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log in to Mattermost with an admin account.
  2. Navigate to the System Console.
  3. Click on “User Management.”
  4. Attempt to access “Channels” under User Management.

Expected Behavior

Upon clicking “Channels” under User Management in the System Console, I expect to see the channel settings, permissions, and other related configurations.

Observed Behavior

The channel settings option is either not visible or not accessible. I cannot view or modify any channel-related settings despite having administrative privileges.

Additional Information

I recently reviewed the Advanced Permissions documentation for Mattermost. The document highlights permission schemes and settings, including System Schemes and Team Override Schemes. While I understand that some features are exclusive to the Enterprise and Professional plans, I thought basic channel settings would be accessible in the free version.

I’m reaching out to understand if this is a limitation of the free version or if there’s a potential issue with my installation or configuration. Any guidance or assistance would be greatly appreciated.