Unlimited Post Edit Time Limit for admins

Hi, there,

We have been using Mattermost for years. Thank you for providing such great application in public.

I wanted to know if I can set different PostEditTimeLimit for admins. The problem is:

  • I want to set the PostEditTImeLimit for general users.
  • When I set it for general users on the web interface, it affects the edit time for Administrator, too.
  • After the period, even the admins cannot edit any posts anymore.

Version: Mattermost Team 7.8.1
Running on: Debian bullseye (local)

Thank you!

Hi @idehara and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

From what I can see, this is not possible at the moment, also not in the paid editions. It would be an interesting feature, though, to specify different edit times for different server roles. Would you mind raising your voice for this feature in Mattermost’s Productboard? If it gets enough votes, chances are high that we will see this feature.