Upcoming Changes with Mattermost 6.0

Mattermost v6.0 is planned for September, 2021. With this release you will notice a refreshed user interface that will make the experience more intuitive and useful for both users and admins. Behind the UI, we will be expanding the scope of use cases addressed by Mattermost. This includes:

  • Enhancements to the core communication and messaging capabilities
  • Expanded capabilities for Incident Collaboration - and the Playbooks model in general
  • Accelerating the momentum of Focalboard and strengthening platform integration

The core of our platform continues to be developer collaboration, and the new release of Mattermost will provide more effective ways to be productive, and build and orchestrate the workflows that run your business. The scope of those workflows goes beyond channel based communications to include structured processes and project-oriented task management.

Please check out our blog post on the specific features being promoted to generally available and the deprecations planned for this release as well.

As always, we are committed to ensuring the best possible experience for you and your organization. We will support v5.37 releasing in July as our last extended support release (ESR) for Mattermost version 5.x. This ESR will reach end of life in April 2022, giving you ample time to plan for your upgrade to this new version.

To ensure your upgrade is smooth and easy, we’ve provided some FAQs below:


As an IT admin, what should I confirm before upgrading to Mattermost v6.0?

If you’re following the Mattermost upgrade guide with standard defaults, everything should go smoothly. If you’ve done a fair amount of customization, please double check the following:

  1. Confirm your “Site URL” is set

The Site URL setting is currently required for features like email notifications, SSO, and plugins to work properly. To make the upgrade as smooth as possible, we recommend you set the Site URL now before you upgrade.

  1. Confirm your jobs server is enabled

The jobs server should already be enabled by default, but we recommend checking that it is enabled before upgrading since it will be used to run a migration script.

  1. Confirm your database is backed up

We always recommend backing up your database before upgrading as part of our upgrade guide. It’s important not to forget this step for a major upgrade.

  1. Save a copy of your current config.json file to reference any settings that may need to be updated in the System Console.

We recommend keeping a copy of the config.json file to refer back to in case any settings need to be adjusted after the upgrade.

What Desktop App and Mobile App versions are supported with Mattermost v6.0?

Desktop Apps: For the most optimal experience we recommend upgrading to version 5.0 of the Desktop App. This major version update will offer the most integrated App navigator experience. However, previous versions of the desktop application will still be backwards compatible.

Mobile Apps: Mattermost native Mobile applications will also be backwards compatible with the Mattermost v6.0 updates. We recommend testing any custom-built apps with server v6.0 before releasing to production.


I cant wait for Mattermost 6.0!


UPDATE: Mattermost v6.0 (and Desktop v5.0 & Mobile v1.47) releases have been delayed to October. September release (v5.39) will be a “bug fix release” and will be branched off v5.38.

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