Join our v6.0 release bug bash!

Join our v6.0 release bug bash! This event is from Sept 29th, 2021 - Oct 1st, 2021.

A new major version of Mattermost is planned for release next month! We are very excited about this release, which will significantly expand the scope of use cases covered by Mattermost. Additionally, the release will feature a refreshed user interface that will make the Mattermost experience more intuitive and useful for both users and admins. See the blog post Mattermost v5.39 is now available - Upgrade your deployment today for more details on the upcoming release.

How to Participate

Anyone is welcome to participate!

Further instructions and testing environments are posted in the v6.0 Bug Bash channel on our community server. Please choose from the test cases listed in the v6.0 Bug Bash channel.

Post bug reports in the v6.0 Bug Bash channel for visibility. The Mattermost staff will help open Jira bug tickets for new bugs.

Anyone who finds bugs that are not already known issues gets a bug hunter coin as a thank you!



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