Upgrade to latest via APT


I would like to upgrade to the latest version (v7.10.3) since the application told me there are several security fixes available. However, I have installed Mattermost via APT and APT says: mattermost is already the newest version (7.10.2-0).

When will the APT package be updated? Is there an intermediate solution available such as manually upgrading or will that break the current installation?

If you want to upgrade using apt you can only wait until the package is updated from the maintainer.

We use the tar / tgz file, but switching to this method might break the package management.

7.10.3 is available in the apt repositories in the meantime. From what I read on the community server, there was a short building glitch which caused the delay of the package being generated.

# apt-cache show mattermost | grep -m1 ^Version
Version: 7.10.3-0