Upgrading ubuntu 14.04 16.04

I’m planning to upgrade my linux distro.
I didn’t find any document about this.
Anybody did it ? Issues ?
Thank you all,

Hi @IusOnDemand,

You might find what you’re looking for among these docs

Thank you @lindy65 . Sorry if I didn’t explain correctly.
I’ve already searched in those documents.
But they talk about upgrading mattermost, or they talk about installing on ubuntu 14 or ubuntu 16.

I didn’t find any doc even with this search: “ubuntu upgrading”

So the question is: does anybody upgraded linux from 14.x to 16.x and had problems ?

Thank you in advance.

(ps here Ubuntu 16.04 support they talk about docs, not effects on upgrading o.s.)

Ah, sorry about the misunderstanding @IusOnDemand!

Hope someone in the community can help!

Did you upgraded to ubuntu 16.x? if so, how is your experience so far?