Upload plugin is disabled in dashboard

Upload plugin is disabled in dashboard. I have changed “EnableUploads”: true, and “Require Plugin Signature: false”. But not working.
Matter Version: 7.10
app version: 5.3.1

See Use and manage plugins

It looks like you have to turn it on manually in your config.json

Hi @Anil_Intensas ,

if you changed EnableUploads in your config.json, please make sure to restart the Mattermost application server for the changes to take effect or to reload it using mmctl config reload (or mmctl --local config reload if you’ve set up local mode).

Thank you for reply @agriesser @maltem-za.

Were you able to get it working? Did any of the provided methods solve your problem?

No, Let me check with server team about “mmctl config reload”. Currently it is temporarly stopped by client.