Uploading file type .jpeg creates rendering issue in v0.6.0

When we attach images with the paperclip we get a white box with no image in it. Also when we post image links there is no preview generated, only a link shows.

I have setup an S3 bucket in the config and I also just tried using the local file system from the config with the same results.

Hi @hamsal, hmm… haven’t seen that before. Anything in the browser console?

I’ve tried to upload an image and this is what I got:

I can download the image and I can see the image alone using the public link but it’s not displayed in the conversation

Hi cifvts,

If this only happens with .jpeg images then this should be fixed by this PR: https://github.com/mattermost/platform/pull/368

Could you try another image type such as png?

Thanks for reporting the issue!


@crspeller it works with the same file renamed .jpg :grinning: