Users getting a User Satisfaction Survey even though it's disabled

We have disabled “Error and Diagnostic reporting” and we can see this in our configuration:

            "com.mattermost.nps": {
                "Enable": false

But still, some of our users complain about receiving a survey this morning: “Share your feedback for a chance to win”. What gives?

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Same problem here. Running version 9.0.0

Hello, system admins can disable end user notices by going to the System Console > Site Configuration > Notices page. See the product docs for additional details: In-product notices — Mattermost documentation

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@davidlind @mfamualro Thank you for the feedback, we’ve removed the User Satisfaction Survey notice now. The product team will work on re-evaluating this whole process for gathering this kind of end-user feedback.

I recommend re-enabling the end user in-product notices so that you will continue to receive important product and release related in-product notices in the future.

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