Webhooks Slack Compatible


I am a new user.
I am trying to integrate the tools of my future company into your solution.
I’m having trouble with Slack compatibility


I activated the slack webhook of Sellsy CRM on my mattermost.
In the notifications, a link is present, it is badly translated.

Steps to reproduce

Join the sellsy CRM trial period.
Activate the webhook slack to the mattermost webhook.
Create a client for example.

Expected behavior


Observed behavior

Hi @spprod, thank you for reaching out!

As a start, would there be anything in this doc that might help: https://docs.mattermost.com/developer/webhooks-incoming.html?highlight=webhook%20slack#slack-compatibility?

Also, can you help share what Mattermost server version you are using?

I read this docs.
It seems to me that my message is correctly formatted for the links:

Mattermost Version: 4.10.0-rc4

@spprod Thank you for the additional information! Here are next suggestions:

Would there be any logs that you would be able to share from the time you attempt to activate the webhook to see if there are any error messages? Would you also like to try activate the webhook in our nightly build server to see if it reproduces there?

Let me know if you have any questions!

I will ask someone from our team to try to reproduce this on pre-release for further investigation.

Hi @spprod!

A teammate tested this with links in attachments on webhooks and wasn’t able to reproduce the issue (tried various malformations of the link, formatted as an attachment and formatted as just a post with a link, even tried changing server and client to French).

I know you already mentioned that you verified that the link structure looks correct, but would there be any way for you to post the html of the link or any other way to verify if the link is correctly structured?