What are the supported image formats?

Which image file formats are supported by Mattermost?

I haven’t tested a lot, but it seems that JPEG is ok, but HEIC is not (treated like a generic file instead of showing the image inline). Since we’re iPhone users, HEIC support would be pretty useful… Or maybe this is something that’s been worked in lately - we’re a few versions behind in our install?

Hi @mikaeleiman, welcome to the Mattermost forums.

Mattermost currently supports PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PSD, WebP, and GIF. The latest addition is WebP, so no HEIC support yet.


Consider this a feature request for HEIC support :slight_smile:

Hi Mikaeleiman,

you might want to add your voice to the existing request for that at Mattermost’s uservoice page:

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