Show uploaded file link in APP

If I use this as an URL to display, for example

Board 4

It displays on a computer but not on an iPhone.

What am I doing wrong?

best wishes, Bo-Yin in Taipei

Dear all:

  1. ESR 8.1.7,
  2. ubuntu 22.04 Chrome Version 120.0.6099.199 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  3. the following data
  • Database Schema Version: 113
  • Build Number: 7025434773
  • Database: postgres
  1. I am using an iPhone 15 with Mattermost mobile v2.11.0 (on iOS 17.2.1)
  2. same thing happens on Pixel 7

Sorry, not seeing a screenshot, did you mean to include one?

Are you able to share the URL as an example? Feel free to remove anything confidential.


I went to the Community Server, and in Off-Topic made a post with a PNG picture, the link is Mattermost, this post includes a picture with the file ID 8uuy9355utdzbbuyrqyfdczw5y, this PNG display fine on both browser just fine. Then I created a post with this in the text box


and this created a bigger picture

but this second half picture fails to display in my phone, only the first picture

friends confirmed that any attempts to inline


fails to display on a smartphone

Dear all:

I just read the documentation again and concluded that the best and correct way to handle this is via a public link.

Please excuse my mistake and lack of knowledge in asking this FAQ question.

May I ask whether there is a way to display a different file based on whether the client is on an iphone/android or a normal sized screen?

best wishes, Bo-Yin