What is a "Patch" Action, as seen in the "Access History"? I didn't patch my server!

Hello, I’m using Mattermost Team Server 5.22. This is a new install, just a week or two old. I’m still learning Mattermost. I’m concerned I might have a potential security issue on my hands.

As the Admin User, I go into “Account Settings” -> “View Access History”. I see lines mentioning an action called “Patch”.

But I did no upgrades to the server, nor did I patch anything. When I go into the “About” for my server, the server looks unchanged from 5.22:

Mattermost Version: dev-linux-arm64-v5.22.0
Database Schema Version: 5.22.0
Database: mysql

Was it perhaps a hacker who was “patching” my server with evil things?

Could the terminology of what a “Patch” is, please be clarified?

There is a related discussion about “patching” here: https://community.mattermost.com/core/pl/4u987e8a87fojr46izbsurf4xe.

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Thanks, you’ve set me at ease that my server is OK.