Which is the recommended method to deploy mattermost to production?

Hi everyone,

I’ve just jumped into mattermost for an On-Premise / in-house chat app for about 500 users.
I’ve check deployment guide and I’m tending to deploy using docker method, but in the guide, the docker image named mattermost-preview :sweat_smile:

sudo docker run --name mattermost-preview -d --publish 8065:8065 mattermost/mattermost-preview

It make me confused very much. :sweat_smile:

  1. Could I use the “mattermost-preview” docker images to deploy mattermost for production use?
  2. Which is the reccomended method to deploy mattermost to production environment?

Hi longtth,

I think we connected on community.mattermost.com but I thought I would also share here.

mattermost-preview should be used for testing. The foundational reason here is that in this image the DB is internal to the image. When considering Docker as your platform for production you should use either mattermost-teams-edition or mattermost-enterprise-edition (you can choose the MM version for each image).

Details on how to use these images for production is here GitHub - mattermost/docker: Redesigned mattermost-docker

Hope this helps.


thank you very much, I’ve marked your answer as solution, hope it helps others.

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