Why are custom groups an enterprise feature?

This seems like a very basic feature that should be there by default but it is limited to users paying thousands a month for enterprise or professional licensing. Manage custom groups (beta) — Mattermost documentation

The ideal size for Mattermost Team Edition is up to 50 users, and the system probably continues to work fine up to a couple of hundred.

As deployments near or exceed this milestone, our intention is for Mattermost champions to find the right capabilities in the commercial versions in order to developer a business case for purchase, to bring on the commercial capabilities and to scale smoothly and reliably.

Custom groups helps our champions build a strong business case for joining our commercial community.

You can learn more about our commercial versions at


There’s also guidance in the docs for contacting the Mattermost customer teams who can support our champions in making the business case to their organizations.

Thanks for asking @lpnc_it. Does this help answer your question?

We’re a relatively small political party and while we like what we see and get use out of mattermost, we can’t afford to pay even a fraction of the per-user rates as published. Most of the members pop in once every couple of weeks or months as they volunteer or gear up for a meeting or event. Every dollar is donated. It appears we are excluded from the non-profit pricing as a political entity, so we have the price options of $0/month or $900/month.
My point was simply that this is a basic feature seen on slack, discord and other competing options.