Won't let me activate Experimental Features in the latest version of mattemost

Hello, please, who can help me, update to version 5.32 of mattermost and according to the update one of the main characteristics is that I can manipulate the sidebar, the problem is that in the option experimental characteristics it does not allow me to lock the option.

If you can help me I would be very grateful

Hola por favor aguien que me pueda ayudar, actualice a la version 5.32 de mattermost y segun la actualizacion una de las caracteristicas principales es que puedo manipular la barra laterar , el proble es que en la opcion caracteristicas experimentales no me deja encerder la opcion.

Si me pueden ayudar estaria muy agradecido

What is your Enable Legacy Sidebar setting set to? Configuration Settings — Mattermost 5.32 documentation

It is false according to the documentation
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Would you be open to enabling that setting? Then you should be able to use the new sidebar features.

The Experimental Sidebar Features setting was deprecated (Configuration Settings — Mattermost 5.32 documentation) in favour of the new Enable Legacy Sidebar setting.

Let me know if this helps,

my query is, should it be true or false? because in the documentation it says that it has to be false so that you can enjoy the new sidebar and that way it doesn’t work for me

You’re right, apologies for my confusion above. Are these two settings also false on your server?

They are both in false


Is ExperimentalChannelSidebarOrganization set to false as well? Configuration Settings — Mattermost 5.32 documentation

Edit: Also, what server version did you upgrade from?

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ExperimentalChannelSidebarOrganization option is not in my config file

  • What OS and version is the Mattermost server installed?
  • What server version did you upgrade from?
  • Can you send a snippet of the Mattermost server logs from around the time of the incident?

centos 7 mattermost 5.32
old version 5.23
Update and I just want the sidebar to work for the new update
I come from version 5.23 straight to 5.32

I asked our devs and it looks like your instance wasn’t completely upgraded or there’s some sort of caching happening. The server build hash is 6 days old, but the webapp build is from last May. Did you follow this upgrade guide Upgrading Mattermost Server — Mattermost 5.32 documentation?

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If I have followed it according to documentation Upgrading Mattermost Server — Mattermost 5.32 documentation(Upgrading Mattermost Server — Mattermost 5.32 documentation), how could I delete the cache?