Zoom Plugin 0auth connection

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I feel a bit silly posting this but I am at a loss. I have followed all of the instillation steps for the Zoom Plugin but I am unable to get past the point of authenticating an account.

Steps to reproduce

Use the /zoom start command to start a meeting and then click on the “Click here to link your Zoom account.” link.

Expected behavior

This link should take me to a link where I can authenticate my user account. As an admin, it would then allow other users with an email address on our account to use Zoom in Mattermost.

Observed behavior

The link takes me to a the following page:

I cannot move forward from here.

I would like to thank anyone who responds. I am a bit of an amateur so any insight or direction forward is greatly appreciated. Thank you so very much in advance!

Hi, @austin_watling

The error seems to be an issue with Zoom that was discussed back then on the Zoom Forum:

Can you check your whitelist URL section on Zoom and verify that the Mattermost URL is also added there besides the Redirect URL?