After `sudo systemctl start mattermost`, there was no response

I tried to upgrade the version from 5.34.2 to 5.39.0.

I referred to it here.

I ran step11 sudo systemctl start mattermost in the procedure.
However, Mattermost does not start and no response is returned.

What should I do?
Thank you.

Hi @Daichi,

I understand that you are having issue starting up the server via system service.

Please do follow the steps to check if the system is actually running:

sudo systemctl status mattermost.service

If the service is not running, and the status is not failed, try running the following command to enable and start the system service:

sudo systemctl enable mattermost.service
sudo systemctl start mattermost.service

Hope this helps,

Please Let us know how it goes once you have run those command :slight_smile: