Mattermost unable to start after upgrade to 6.4.1

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mattermost.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE

Steps to reproduce
I’m attempting to upgrade from v5.37 to v6.4.1

Expected behavior
Starting mattermost as normally

Observed behavior
Failed to start Mattermost

Hi all,

I followed the instructions on exactly in an attempt to upgrade our mattermost server. when I try to execute the command at step 11, mattermost fails to start.

I’m a complete ubuntu noob, so anything deviating from the upgrade manual is quite a challenge for me.

Here’s an include of the logs when trying to start mattermost:

Please let me know if this is enough info or if I need to provide some more.

Any help toward resolving this issue is appreciated.

Kind regards,

The Pastebin link leads nowhere. Could you re-post if your problem still exists?

If you solved it, could you please post your solution for future readers with the same problem?