Android push notification problem

I am try to setup push notification in android app but getting error when adding firebase analytic dependency. Any help to remove this error.

Hello, @pushpendrarkv

May I know if you referred to the Push Notification Service documentation when you set this up?

If yes, can you please let me know which specific step you are at when you ran into this issue:

Else, please share the article you referred to so I can get a better understanding on the process. Thanks.

Hello, @ahmaddanial
I got this error when I am try to add
implementation ‘’ this in my build.gradle

Hi, @pushpendrarkv

Got it. Can you confirm the documentation / article that you are referring to when you are configuring this on your end?

Also, can you provide a screen shots with sensitive information blanked out to show the steps you performed to reproduce the problem? This will help me to get a better understanding on this issue as well.

hello @ahmaddanial
I referred
To configure.

added in line 264

Hi, @pushpendrarkv

Got it. While the documentation you shared is referring to adding Firebase to your project in general, can I please confirm if you can refer to the specific section of the Mattermost documentation and let me know if you are facing any specific problem when you go through the steps?