Autocomplete nicknames with initial + Tab like IRC, and not only @initial + Tab

Autocompleting usernames on initial followed by has become a widespread standard since IRC, and is available in most Mattermost alternatives (Slack, HipChat, Riot, Gitter, etc.). I don’t understand why it is not offered, at least as an option, in Mattermost to better compete with these applications.

It may seem like a detail, but in fact it improves ergonomy and facilitates highlighting team mates in every sentence. Small details that are felt at every chat post can quickly become important features. In my small circle, the vast majority of users refused to migrate to Mattermost from Slack despite the serious privacy and security concerns just because they do not want to compromise this convenient feature. Others would not mind migrating even if they are not sensitive to the privacy/security argument, but they won’t until the reluctant ones make a move. While I do value the better privacy and security Mattermost offers, it seems it is not enough to convince all users (let alone those who do not care at all about privacy), and therefore others are still locked in Slack until their team as a whole agrees on a consensus to move.

For reference, I had opened a thread here on this matter, but I feel the forum may get better visibility than the suggestion board.

If this is will never be implemented, then I would be very grateful if anyone could point me to a way to do it with a plugin or by editing a couple source files.


Hello @Kabouik

Thank you for your feedback and for opening a feature request on the UserVoice forum. Here people will be able to up-vote your suggestion. The more popular a feature request becomes, the more chance it has of making it into the product.

Unfortunately it seems this request is not particularly popular, it did not get many votes in 8 months and I think there’s kind of a vicious circle when suggestions start to hide far from the top of the list.

Still interested in knowing whether this could be changed on my specific installation with a plugin, or which source file I should edit to implement that on my own instance?


Hi @Kabouik,

Thank you for your feedback,

If you join our pre-release server where you can join the Developers channel, you can ask your question there about changing the code and perhaps someone will have pointers for you.

I also would love to see this feature… its a requirement for me. I tried to vote but it said page not found when I clicked vote.