Blacked out GIFs

A few days ago, my GIFs that I put on twitter started appearing black to me.
I can see them on my tablet, and I can see others’ GIFs. I can even see my
own right before I scroll down to view the full thing. I’ve done a restore on my
computer, but it didn’t help. Greatly appreciated if anyone knows how to fix it.

Hi @NoRiffRaff24, Thanks for reaching out. To give you the best help we can, could you review this web page and send us the relevant environment details, logs, config files, etc. so we can diagnose this issue?

Hey there, could you let me know more about what you meant by the GIFs you put on Twitter? Is there an integration between your Mattermost that posts to Twitter as well, or do you mean something else entirely? Feel free to correct me if I misunderstood anything.

It would be great if you could give us a bit more context on the behavior that you are experiencing, so we can help you better :slight_smile:

Hi. Thanks for the reach out. I tweet GIFs occasionally
of different things, some of which I took off of giphy, but
most of which I made myself. When I am scrolling them
up or down to where I can see them, I see half the photo,
but when it gets into full view, it goes black. If I pull them
up on my phone or tablet, they’re fine. I’ve done a restore
and checked for malware … nothing turned up and the
restore didn’t help. And, yes, I’m sure it went to before the
problem started. So, I’m at a loss. My next step is to contact
my computer person to go all through it. I’m just trying to
avoid the cost of that right now. Not good timing. Did I
answer your question? It has nothing to do with this site.
Thanks again,

By the way, I just realized that other people’s
GIFs are doing the same thing. A different
Twitter account of mine.

Hi, I’m still a little bit confused here. From the description and your replies so far, it seems that the behavior that you are seeing is using Twitter on your computer when tweeting our GIFs, is that correct? I just would like to confirm, are you using Mattermost for this at all?

If the issue is Twitter-specific, I would highly recommend that you try contacting the Twitter support team (after trying with different browsers, etc first of course). This is because if the behavior is related to using Twitter only, we may not be able to help you out much here as we mainly discuss and support Mattermost-related topics in this forum.

Good grief.

Never mind!!

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