Board shared with a team but users are listed as "not board members"

A board is set so that all users in {team} are editors, but still users are listed as “not board members”

Steps to reproduce
Team Edition 7.5.0-rc1 on Docker (

  • Create a new board
  • Share it, setting all users in a team as editors
  • Create a new task and try to assign it to {user} that is in the team

Expected behavior
User is listed as a board member and it is possible to assign them a task

Observed behavior
The user is listed as “not board member”, Add {user} to board popup appears, reporting that {user} is not a member of the board, and will not receive any notifications about it. Do you want to add {user} to the board?

Feel free to report this at Issues · mattermost/focalboard · GitHub.

Upgraded to v7.5.1, problem persists, opened issue 4376 Bug: board shared with a team, but users in team are listed as “not board members”

Issue has been closed as “This is actually expected behavior to match the experience of a public channel in Mattermost. The team role establishes the minimum role for the board, but users still have to search and join the board. Users are not automatically added to every team board (…)