Can´t get in admin_console webinterface anymore



I have Mattermost in Version 5.7.0 running in a Docker Container and my Internet Browser is Firefox. Normally I was able to open the admin webinterface with “http://mymattermostadress:myport/admin_console” . When I wanted now to open the admin webinterface, I got the Information my session was expired.
So far so good I logged in again, but from now I always get immediately redirected automatically from the “admin_console” URL to the Town Square Channel.

I tried so far:
Empty Webcache of Firefox and logging in again. Unfortunately I got the same resuld (got immediately redirected to townsquare channel).

Has anyone an idea how to solve this behaviour?

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Steps to reproduce

My Session Exired (unsure if it could be the reason)?

Expected behavior

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Observed behavior

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Hi @Tim, these earlier threads might help:

Hello @amy.blais !:slight_smile:
I tried to set "AllowCorsFrom: “*” " in ServiceSettings of the mattermost_app container. Unforunately there was no change. In Console Inspector I got the output:
"Unhandled promise rejection TypeError: “NetworError whent attempting to fetch resource”.

In Chromium console I get a more specific error:
Get http://mattermostURL:Mattermostport/api/v4/config 403 (Forbidden)
Get http://mattermostURL:Mattermostport/api/v4/config/environment 403 (Forbidden)

Any idea how to solve this Problem?:slight_smile:

Ok, solved the problem: Seems the user I wanted to connect to the admin_console did not have the role to access the page.

Thank you for your answer!:slight_smile: